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Senior Driving Test

The Senior Driver Refresher Course is recommended for seniors who either…

  1. Have lost their driving license due to an at fault collision, OR:
  2. Are of age 80+ and due for renewal of their class G driver’s license.

The course is also geared towards updating your driving skills in order to gain good driving habits and to be a safe and defensive driver.

Safe Driving for Seniors

A professional driving assessment is vital in helping one remain a safe driver for as long as possible.

Your driving performance should be assessed regularly. Not only can an assessment help you recognize and correct possible shortcomings, it also can yield a specialized drivers’ training plan & program to help you continue driving safely. A professional driving assessment is akin to an annual wellness check up with your doctor – they are both smart ways to identify and manage any physical and/or mental changes.

Professional driving assessments generally fall into two categories: driving skills evaluations and clinical driving assessments.

A driving skill evaluation includes an in-car assessment of your driving abilities and a recommendation regarding any further specialized drivers’ training.

Conversely, clinical driving assessments are used to identify underlying medical causes of any driving performance deficits, as well as offer potential means to maintain safe driving, given your health needs.

Senior Driver Refresher Course

Getting an Assessment and Refresher Keeps You Up to Date with New Traffic Laws

Additionally, as a senior, it is a must to stay up-to-date about changes to Ontario road traffic laws. Regular professional driving assessments are the most effective and efficient way to do this.

As decades have gone and continue to go by, rules of the road inevitably change, and the overall behaviour of motorists can change along with them. To drive safely in these new environments and be better-equipped to avoid potential accidents, you must make it a habit to take a professional driving assessment program and refresher course.

Senior Driving Test Ontario Practice

Our Therapeutic Approach to Senior Driver Training

A key component of the Tomorrow’s Drivers Way is helping all our students develop rock-solid confidence in their driving abilities. Our MTO-approved driving school has an unsurpassed 99.5% road test pass rate, but we don’t train our students only to pass the G1, G2 and G tests – that’s easy. We train them above and beyond, equipping them with the positive mindset to thrive on the road as safe, respectful and defensive drivers for their lifetime. Having and using these skills is vital to making Ontario’s roads safer not only for yourself, but for every motorist.

We apply the same philosophy in our individualized driving programs for seniors!

In addition to helping you transform into a safe, respectful motorist for a lifetime, training you with the positive mindset to succeed, and curing anxieties that influence your driving performance (because after all, every thought we think has a physical response in the body), our specialized Senior Instructors’ driver training will help you to be beyond prepared for the tests you need to take in the Ontario Senior Driver’s Licence Renewal Program once you turn 80 and your license is due for renewal.

Cognitive Test for Senior Drivers in Ontario

When you are 80+ years of age, you will need to renew your G license every 2 years. This starts on your 80th birthday, when the MTO mails you a renewal request, and you must be re-tested to keep your driver’s license.

The Ontario senior license renewal process for ages 80+ involves the following components:

  • Vision test
  • Driver record review
  • 45-minute group education session on senior driving and updates to Ontario traffic laws
  • Two cognitive tests: clock exercise (visual-spatial ability) and letter cancellation (eye-hand coordination, psychomotor speed)
  • You may be required to take a road test, equivalent to the G1 exit test (no highway component), at no charge

Ready to renew your driving skills & knowledge with a new level of confidence, and be prepared well in advance for when you turn 80?

Read on for more information about getting an individualized Senior Driving Skills Assessment from our specialized instructors.

Should I book a driving evaluation?

You should book a comprehensive driving skills assessment if:

  • You are concerned that your driving skills may have diminished over time
  • You have concerns regarding the results of informal self-assessments, such as Drivers 55 Plus.
  • You have been diagnosed with a medical condition which is known to impact driving ability (e.g., impaired vision, dementia, diabetes, seizures, sleep disorders, stroke, etc)
  • You have experienced a recent increase in near misses or minor crashes (e.g., fender benders)
  • Friends and/or family have suggested that you may not be fit to drive.

Our Specialized Senior Driving Instructors and in-car driving skills evaluations can provide a quick and inexpensive checkup. Results obtained from the evaluation can:

  • Show that your driving skills are adequate and current, with no need for specialized drivers’ training
  • Reveal deficits that could be addressed with specialized drivers’ training
  • Lead to a recommendation for a clinical driving assessment by an occupational therapist driving rehabilitation specialist

To book a driving evaluation please provide the following information: Name, telephone number, email, as well as a reason for the assessment.

Details of a typical lesson:

  • 45 minute in-car lesson
  • Evaluation of current skills
  • Review of traffic rules and regulations
  • Refresher of parking, lane changes, and blind spots
  • Proposed plan to meet MTO’s insurance requirements
  • Prepare for road test, or clinical theory and practical evaluation
* Please note* We will contact you in order to schedule this appointment as soon as we receive notification of your order.