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Driving Lessons

For the past several years, Tomorrow’s Drivers have earned a solid reputation for being trustworthy and professional in offering the best driver training courses. Our focus is not just to teach students how they should safely operate a vehicle, but in addition, we give students quality training to become wise and informed drivers in this vastly motorized technological age. To support our objectives, we offer Driver Beginner Education courses as well as G1 and G2 driving lessons. Our students are taught how to operate a vehicle in differing driving conditions.

We have qualified, professional and licensed instructors who are patient and knowledgeable. They teach students everything they need to pass the road test. However, instructors go to lengths to ensure that students learn how to drive safely behind the wheel.

Potential students looking to get their G2 or G1 licensing use our course to get the best instruction. Usually, these are people who have failed their previous road test or are afraid while driving. Experienced drivers, too, take the course as a refresher to taking the road exam.

Many drive test centres and examiners highly regard Tomorrow’s Drivers as our students are always prepared and confident. We have assisted many students in passing their road exams, but our driving lessons also symbolize an excellent long term investment that will help students to avoid costly collisions by improving their driving skills and driving habits.

Tomorrow’s Drivers offers:

  • Free pick-up and drop-off
  • One-on-one training
  • Availability 7 days a week
  • Coordinating pre-lesson by phone
  • Option to use an instructor’s vehicle for the road exam

Our instructors are recertified each year. They are very friendly and patient; arriving to class fully prepared to maximize your educational benefits.

G2 Lessons

Road Tests

New drivers should understand Ontario’s Graduated Licensing System. Below is a summary of the road test requirements.

To obtain your G2 license you must pass a road test consisting of normal everyday driving tasks such as:

  • starting and backing up
  • maintaining speed and space
  • obeying road signs and signals
  • navigating intersections
  • making a three-point turn
  • parallel parking, head-in/back-in parking, parking on a slope

G Lessons

Road Tests

To obtain your G license you must pass a second road test by displaying a much higher level driving skill and knowledge. The expectation is that you have gained plenty of driving experience at the G2 level.

For the second road test you will be expected to:

  • drive on a freeway or highway
  • demonstrate vehicle control – e.g. starting, stopping, turning, parking
  • respond well to traffic, signs, markings, and possible hazards
  • demonstrate observation skills – e.g. mirror use and where you look
  • keep adequate space around your vehicle
  • make safe lane changes
  • communicate with other road users – turn signals, making eye contact

For further information, see the Official Driver’s Handbook.

Contact us at 1-800-241-7493 at anytime. We hope the above information will help you plan your driver’s education.


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