The fear of driving is more real and more common than you can imagine. But are you ready to be different from the rest and get over this fear? If you have made up your mind to be a confident and brave driver, then the DriveEase program is made for you. DriveEase’s core purpose is to assist you in overcoming your driving anxiety with ease and self-confidence.

Welcome to Tomorrow's Drivers - Your Driving Journey Starts Here

Ready to hit the road with confidence? At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we’re not just about passing tests; we’re here to make you a skilled, responsible driver for life. Our experienced instructors focus on more than just the basics, ensuring you’re ready for anything the road throws your way.

Our Driving Lessons: Beyond the Basics

Tomorrow’s Drivers is all about building lasting skills. Our lessons go beyond the test requirements, aiming to create drivers who are not just licensed but also safe, proactive, and defensive on the road. Our certified instructors are dedicated to shaping responsible and confident drivers.

G2 and G Road Test Prep: Setting You Up for Success

Passing your G2 and G road tests is a big deal, and we get that. Our test prep goes the extra mile, focusing on honing your skills and boosting your confidence for the challenges ahead. We’re here to make sure you’re well-prepared for the tests and for real-world driving.

22 Years of Experience: Tried-and-True Teaching

Tomorrow’s Drivers has been a trusted name in driver education for over two decades. Our time-tested teaching methods have helped countless individuals become safe, proactive, and defensive drivers. We understand the unique hurdles new drivers face and tailor our lessons to meet those challenges head-on.

New Drivers

G2 City Lesson
$ 60 + Tax
  • G2 City Lesson
  • Master G2 Road Test Maneuvers
  • Pick and Drop York Region


Express Pacakge
$ 250 + Tax
  • 2 Hour Lesson + Driving Instructor Vehicle
  • In-Town Road Test York Region
  • Pick and Drop York Region


G Highway Lesson
$ 70 + Tax
  • G Highway Lesson
  • Highway & City Training
  • Pick and Drop York Regoin


Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Our course covers all the G1 information, prepares you for the G2 adventure, conquers the G2 Driving test, and helps you overcome anxiety. It’s time to ignite your driving dreams and embark on the road to success!


 If you are a new immigrant with driving experience from another country, you can try the G2 driving test. Remember, you get one shot. If you don’t pass, you will need to do a G2 examination and then retry the G road test to be fully licensed in Ontario.

Driving instructors can’t teach in test areas or routes due to by-laws. But since many ask, we suggest practicing with family and friends

Road Test Routes

To get your G2 or G license, you will need to pass a road test with everyday driving tasks like starting and backing up, maintaining speed and space, obeying road signs and signals, navigating intersections, and mastering maneuvers like three-point turns, parallel parking, head-in/back-in parking, and parking on a slope. The G2 test takes 10 to 15 minutes, while the G exam ranges from 30-45 minutes. Our private one-on-one driving lessons are customized to your skills, focusing on mastering what you need for the exam on your first try.

Knowledge test (per extra attempt)$16.00
Class G2 driving test (to earn a Class G2 licence)$53.75
Five-year licence$90.00
Class G road test (to earn a Class G licence)$91.25