the Driving Anxiety Solution

Welcome to DriveEase, where we are dedicated to helping you conquer your driving anxiety. How is driving anxiety currently impacting your life? We understand that it can be a significant obstacle to your independence and personal growth. Through our specialized program combining Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and solution focused Clinical Hypnosis, we provide a personalized solution that equips you with the skills and confidence to become a fearless and skilled driver.

G2 Driving Lesson

120 Min Driving Lesson
$ 120
  • Private 90 Min Driving lesson
  • Free Pick & Drop
  • Mock Road Test - Pass-Ability Rate
$45 OFF

G Driving Lesson

60 Min Refresher
$ 80
  • Private 60 Min Driving lesson
  • Free Pick & Drop
  • Mock Road Test - Pass-Ability Rate
  • Highway On & Off Ramps Practice
97% Pass

mASTER cLASS (g1,g2,g)

Fasten your seatbelt and prepare for an unforgettable experience. Our course covers all the G1 information, prepares you for the G2 adventure, conquers the G road test, and helps you overcome anxiety. It’s time to ignite your driving dreams and embark on the road to success!


If you are a new immigrant and have driving experience from another country you will be able to attempt the G road test. You only get one chance to pass. If you do not pass you will be required to do a G2 examination and re-attempt your G road test to be fully licensed in Ontario. 

Accourding to by-laws a driving instructor is not allowed to teach in test area’s or routes. However, since many customers ask the routes we suggest you practice with family and friends. A link to the test routes is here: Road Test Routes

To obtain your G2 or G license you must pass a road test consisting of normal everyday driving tasks such as: starting and backing up
maintaining speed and space obeying road signs and signals navigating intersections making a three-point turn parallel parking, head-in/back-in parking, parking on a slope.

The G2 test ranges from 10 to 15 minutes. The G exam ranges from 30-45 min.

The driving lesson will be focused on mastering all the skills you need to pass the exam on your first attempt. Our driving lessons are private one on one and are customized to your skill set and to what you actually will need.

Knowledge test (per extra attempt)$16.00
Class G2 road test (to earn a Class G2 licence)$53.75
Five-year licence$90.00
Class G road test (to earn a Class G licence)$91.25