By joining Tomorrow’s Drivers Training, which is a Ministry of Transportation-approved driver education program, you are giving yourself a fair shot at becoming a driver who is full of skills and is there to abide by all the rules. This program has been serving the community for over two decades. We are well aware that learning to drive is one of the best investments in a lifelong skill despite the initial draw of supposedly cost-effective alternatives.

We are focused and dedicated to prioritizing the value of safety by maintaining your confidence when you step on the road. Our program is carefully designed and is focused on all the new drivers aged from 16 to 19 years and all the experience-level drivers. Experienced candidates can avail of this offer to get the opportunity for potential insurance discounts. 

Get ready to experience 20 hours of fascinating online learning. You will be able to increase your understanding with 10 hours of online home links and acquire priceless practical experience with 10 hours of in-car instruction. This holistic approach ensures a rewarding and highly effective learning experience, setting you on the path to becoming a skilled and responsible driver for life.


Drive Scholar
$ 1599 One Time Investment Easy Payment Plans
  • 30 Hours Online E-Learning
  • Private Driving Lesson
  • 10 Hours of In-Vehicle Training
  • Five 5 Hours Road Test Performance (City & Highway)
  • Guarantee Pass!!! (We Pay $50 to Rebook)


$ 1299 One Time Investment Easy Payment Plans
  • 30 Hours Online Training
  • Private Driving Lessons
  • 10 Hours In-Vehicle Training
  • Warm Up Lessons & Use Driving Instructor Vehicle on G2 Road Test


$ 884 One Time Investment Easy Payment Plans
  • 30 Hours Online E-Learning
  • Private Driving Instructions
  • 10 Hours of In-Vehicle Training
  • MTO Approved Certification & Fast Track G2 4 Months Earlier.
jazmin morrison
jazmin morrison
Newman is an amazing driving instructor! Very patient and helpful. Gave the highest quality teaching with a result of passing my G2!
Charlson Green
Charlson Green
Newman is an amazing instructor that clearly explains all the rules of the road and explains where you need to improve your driving and gives you very good reminders! Definitely recommend if you need a lesson for G2 or G test
Perry Attwell
Perry Attwell
Amazing! Newman was very patient and helped me pass my G2. I learned so much about driving. I had such a great experience, and would absolutely recommend to anyone I know!
Andra Nita
Andra Nita
Shyraz is an amazing instructor teacher. I need to pass the G test road and I took some classes with him. All this time he was very supportive, patient and give me great tips in different areas where I need it. Shyraz has a lot of knowledge and helped me to pass my exam. For sure I will recommend to my family and friends. Thank you so much for everything.
I took two lessons with Shayraz the week before my G2 and passed. He gave me tips to stay calm during my test, corrected bad driving habits and was very friendly and knowledgeable. Highly recommend this school.
Niema Mohammad
Niema Mohammad
Shayraz is a great teacher; he helped me overcome my fear of driving. Just passed my G2!
Laura Contreras
Laura Contreras
I took two lessons with Shayraz and one with Newman. They were both fantastic! Very knowledgeable, calm and friendly. I highly recommend them. They will teach you exactly what you need to pass, and they’ll make you feel super comfortable driving.
Soumya Ananth
Soumya Ananth
I had an amazing instructor, Newman who heped me gain confidence in driving and helped me pass my G2 on the first try! Thanks to him I am an confident and safe driver. It was an enjoyable experience and I am now a successfu driver thanks to Newman!
Newman was a fantastic driver instructor, helped me a lot with learning the skills I will need to be a great driver.
Eman Nasim
Eman Nasim
Probably the best instructor I’ve had!! Don’t get your lessons done anywhere else, passed my g2 on the first try :))


The fear of driving is more real and more common than you can imagine. But are you ready to be different from the rest and get over this fear? If you have made up your mind to be a confident and brave driver, then the DriveEase program is made for you. DriveEase’s core purpose is to assist you in overcoming your driving anxiety with ease and self-confidence.


At Tomorrow’s Drivers, We put your success and convenience first with our state-of-the-art driving programs. We also offer a complimentary pick-up and drop-off service that will give you hassle-free transportation when you are coming for driving lessons. We provide a free payment plan in order to accommodate your hectic schedule while keeping costs low.

We offer interesting virtual and online training solutions that are customized to accommodate a range of learning preferences. Our one-on-one driving lesson is adapted for you and leverages our 21 years of experience to deliver simple and easy-to-grasp instruction. Modern software keeps track of every session and gives parents detailed reports. Also, all of our programs are MTO certification, guaranteeing the best possible teaching.

Our instructors promise to give you their full attention during the whole lesson, and their travel time is never deducted from that commitment to your learning experience. Our comprehensive driving course includes everything, whether it is highway navigation or mastering the skill of parking technique, and the best part is that there are no additional charges for it. There are never any additional fees.

After you finish the course and the behind-the-wheel sessions, we certify you with the online MTO certification system that will help you move forward with confidence in your driving career.


Our MTO certification program comes with numerous benefits that will help you enhance your driving journey and also save you time and money.

Accelerated G2 Road Test: Get on the road sooner for independent driving freedom by cutting the time it takes to pass the G2 Driving test by an amazing four months.

Insurance Advantages: Achieve a perfect 3-star rating and perhaps receive insurance savings. Speak with our representative to learn about any possible savings.

Improving Decision-Making: Make more informed decisions while driving by utilizing your awareness, skills, and knowledge. Develop into a professional driver who will have a better understanding of the possible hazards and know how to address them.

Long-Term Savings: Maintain your training consistently to save money on insurance over the long run, and insurance companies will recognize your thorough training.

Reduced Infractions: Our thorough training considerably lowers the possibility of moving violations, guaranteeing a spotless driving record.


Take the first step towards a journey of success with Tomorrow’s Driver. In our Master class, you will get everything you need. Whether it is G1 information or you want to get yourself prepared for the adventure of G2. You are sure to become one of the best in the G road test because we have all the tools that will guide you to overcome and conquer your driving anxiety. Your driving passion is going to fuel up that will lead you to success.