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Why not invest in your future at Tomorrow’s Drivers? We truly believe that driving training should be professional and that is what we offer as a long term investment to you. Studies done have shown consistently that beginner drivers, no matter what the age, are regarded as candidates for elevated collision rates and this stems from direct lack of experience.

Defensive Driving

Novice drivers will receive defensive training from us. This is important to save lives, money and time. This form of training allows drivers to be more equipped and to master the art of driving in a flexible classroom setting. Students will learn the basic rules of the roadways and the mechanics related to efficient driving. Our aim and focus is to help drivers to diminish the risk of collision and show them how to anticipate dangerous situations; even by the mistake of other drivers or in adverse conditions.

Our students achieve excellent driver education and are taught the general rules in combination with good practice driving procedures. We have designed our Ministry-Approved BDE Course to specifically impart the fundamentals of driving in a low-risk setting. Our students are taught how to become aware of other drivers around and how to keep safe in practical driving conditions and scenarios.

We emphasize defensive driving throughout the entire course. For instance, we will teach our students how they can:

  • Drive safely at a distance in traffic
  • Be constantly aware of their driving environments
  • Handle hectic intersections and parking lots
  • Carefully merge in traffic and change lanes on highways and local roads
  • Identify and cope with hazards and interferences

Our Instructors

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we know how risky driving can be. When you become a defensive driver, it helps you to stay away from accidents and diminish the risk of accidents when you get behind the wheel. Not all drivers obey the road rules or drive well. There are some who drive aggressively and those who drive too slowly. Some will wander into the opposite lane without warning while others will turn suddenly without giving a signal. Some will go in and out of traffic without regard for other motorists. Therefore, you always have to pay attention to the road and use your mirrors at all times.

Aggressive drivers are a hazard to the road. A third of the time, they are the ones who cause traffic accidents. However, negligence is just as much of a problem when people are texting and driving, watching television or talking on their mobile phones while driving. There is no way that you can control what other drivers do, but if you continue to update your defensive driving skills, you can avoid the dangers of other motorists’ bad driving.

Our instructors have to be re-certified each year and coupled with their years of experience, patience and teaching techniques, our students come out on top. We also ensure that classroom sizes are small for more interactivity and we provide one-on-one in-car training for improved learning.

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we offer training for students with disabilities or other special needs. If you are nervous or anxious while driving, our instructors know how to soothe your anxiety.

Learning Collaboration

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we use the Ministry-Approved BDE Course rules, which include extra student assessments, open dialogue and free parent guide for teenaged drivers as well as a DVD explaining defensive driving. This synergistic method of learning maximizes the benefits of the course. We offer interim reports to identify trouble areas early. We also provide students with a pre-road test assessment to help them pass their exams. Parents and guardians use our guide to help in the training process.

We place emphasis on maintaining a positive attitude when it comes to driving and being safe on the road, receiving a lot of driving practice.

Additional Benefits

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we maintain confidence and a high level of quality driving education. We so confident that we will provide a refund of course cost, if you have an at-fault accident within six months of acquiring your G2 driving license from us. Call to get details on the terms and conditions. Additionally, all student graduates may be eligible for lesser insurance rates and a four month reduction time for G1 licensed students.

For further information and with questions, students and parents can contact us 1-800-241-7493 at your convenience.


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