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Avoidance Program

No one wants to experience a vehicle collision. There are so many things that could happen when you do – such as potential tragedy, injuries and vehicle body work. Whether you are a new driver or seasoned driver, you still run the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident; even if it is not your fault. Therefore, it is necessary to learn as much as you can how you can avoid accident collisions.

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we have a collision impact avoidance program that will help you to do just that. This system is designed to encourage automobile safety driving and to diminish the risk of severe accidents. This is our pre-crash system, which we also label forward collision warning or collision mitigating. We use a radar, laser or camera sensor to help with the detection of imminent accident. Once the danger is detected, the system used will caution the driver that there is a looming crash. The system could also choose to take action independently by applying the brakes, positioning the steering wheel or both – without the driver reacting.

We are partners with ILR Car Control School

Tomorrow’s Drivers has assumed partnership with ILR Car Control School, which has been found to have the most advanced collision avoidance training system in the North American region. When students receive proven training, they will know exactly what to do to avoid a crash. They will also know how to stop in an emergency, and how to change lanes safely. We focus on hands-on learning where students can see the simulated accident occurring and what actions to take.

A lot of times, new drivers have to do their training on slippery roads during the winter months with no prior driving experience in those conditions. Even experienced drivers can skid on slippery roads and so we teach students how to correct and prevent a skid.

At ILR Car Control School, there are 22 highly trained and well qualified instructors who have been hand-picked because of their high level of communication skills, driving know-how, observational qualities and laidback dispositions. Our instructors have a distinct understanding of the dynamics and management of vehicles.

When students complete the course, they will have the ability to control the automobile in the following circumstances:

  • How to handle the car when it drifts onto the gravel shoulder
  • How to avoid a head-on collision
  • How to deal with a rear-end accident for minimal impact
  • How to control the vehicle in an emergency, when another vehicle suddenly appears or when there is an animal in the road
  • Ability to understand and use ABS (Emergency Threshold Braking) to manage skidding
  • How to apply the brake to avoid a likely crash

Avoiding a Crash

The system is effective in avoiding an accident because it:

  • Warns the driver of a possible threat of collision while driving in traffic or on the highway. If the driver is not responsive to the warning, the system reduces the speed of the vehicle
  • When a pedestrian walks out in the path of the vehicle, the system shows how to stop in such an emergency
  • Prevents the motionless vehicle from driving into the rear end of another motionless vehicle.
  • We have developed a wide range of technology for the FCAT systems and these differ in:
  • The range of detection
  • Response time

Our investigation shows there are possible benefits of owning and using FCAT in your vehicle. The ultimate benefit is a combination of long range detection such as adaptive cruise control and a shorter range, wider angle system such as the ability to detect a pedestrian.

This course is highly recommended since it complements our Tomorrow’s Drivers – Beginner Driver Education course. This ensures that students learn all of the skills necessary to maintain safety, defensive and preemptive driving for the remainder of their driving career.

Requirement: student needs a G2 or G driver License

Cost of course: $550.00

For more information on scheduled dates and times, you should email us at

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