The in-class portion takes 4 full days to complete. Each class is scheduled, and you must be available for the duration of each scheduled class. The in-car lessons, however, are flexible around the schedules of our young drivers. The complete course must be completed within 1 year from the course start date.
Yes. However, an additional fee applies. Please visit our courses page for more information.
Yes. Our school is a Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider.
Our in-class sessions are broken into 4 days. Each day covers different topics and features different tests. That means if you miss a class, you can simply make up that day in a later course. If you miss an in-car lesson and did not provide your instructor the required 24- hour notice prior to the lesson, you may be charged for an additional lesson.
Yes. If our current in-class sessions don’t line up with your schedule, you can start the in-car portion first. We aim for maximum flexibility while ensuring you absorb the rules of the road so you’re prepared for your Ontario driving test.
No. Feel free to enroll in our course prior to completing your G1. Our in-class sessions may actually assist with the review of the G1 test. You must, however, pass your G1 before starting your in-car lessons.
For the in-class sessions, we allow up to a maximum of 24 students per instructor. During the in-car sessions, we only allow one student in the car at a time so you can focus.
By completing our Ontario driver’s ed course, you’ll be eligible to take your road test 8 months after you passed your G1. Those who don’t attend a ministry-approved Ontario driving school must wait a full year. Our young drivers program also gets you insurance discounts thanks to the certificate we issue upon completion of the program that’s recognized by the Insurance Bureau of Canada.
Our instructors attempt to schedule the lessons in such a way that allows you to learn all the necessary skills within the first 6 lessons. This allows us to dedicate the last 4 lessons for review and practice. If you still require more lessons after that, feel free to schedule more lessons with your instructor. If you think you might need more than 10 lessons at the time of registration, let us know. We might be able to save you more money when you purchase additional lessons in advance.
We can book your road test for you or you can book it yourself. The Ontario road test can be booked online or by calling 1-888-570-6110.
Our attitude. We’re not interested in running stadium-size classes. Nor are we interested in teaching students crash-course style like some of the discounted driving school. We believe you get what you pay for. So we deliver the best possible Ontario driving school instruction at a competitive price. While we’re well priced, our goal isn’t to save money. It’s to save lives.
Normally, it can take up to 2 weeks after you’ve completed your in-class training. If you are in a rush to complete the lessons, please contact our office.
Our instructors will pick you up at your home (as long as you live within the same city/town as our office). You’ll also be returned home after the lesson is completed. If you live outside the city/town as our office (i.e. you don’t live in Markham/Richmond Hill/Newmarket), you will need to make arrangements to be picked up/dropped off at a local point. You can discuss this with your instructor upon booking your in-car lesson.
Yes. All our instructors have valid instructor licenses and are qualified to prepare you for your Ontario road test.