Driving Schools in Newmarket

If you are a parent living in Newmarket and you want your teenage child to get a valid driver’s license, you don’t have to look further than a Ministry-Approved BDE Course provider like Tomorrow’s Drivers. We will help your child to develop safe driving skills and emergency evasion exercises with our exceptional training.


Your Search is Over

You can spend hours, days, months and even years looking for a driving school in Newmarket, but why waste so much time exhausting your resources when Tomorrow’s Drivers can save you the aggravation? Your child and you can enjoy the efficient service that Tomorrow’s Drivers provides. You child will receive in-depth driving instructions that you will want them to have.

Community History

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we have been providing driving education in the Newmarket area for more than 10 years. During that period, we have stayed committed to the community by offering driving lessons that is exceptional and incomparable to other driving schools.

For the past seven years, Tomorrow’s Drivers have created a partnership with the York Region District School Board. This conglomeration has held us to a high level of excellence, providing outstanding training for the driving program at Huron Heights High Schools.

Keys for Superiority

So what are the contributing factors to Tomorrow’s Drivers becoming the leading driving school in Newmarket? Well, the first thing is that we are committed to a smaller classroom size for our in-class training. This has allowed students at Tomorrow’s Drivers to receive a higher level of attention and communication from their instructors. Instructors attain a much higher level of general understanding of what each student needs.

By regulating class sizes to just fifteen students, Tomorrow’s Drivers instructors have the ability to deliver more tailored feedback and training for each student. Additionally, we are committed to one-on-one and hands-on driving lessons in order to fully take advantage of the time it takes for each student to receive appropriate guidance while behind the wheel.

Other driving school’s classrooms are packed with more students and when going on their in-car training, they bring up to three students to one instructor. This takes away the time that one child should spend receiving one-on-one instruction.

The Basics

Tomorrow’s Drivers provides driving lessons that are ministry approved and we have compensated more by specifically designing our classes to teach your child the fundamentals of good driving. Our instructors at this superior driving school in Newmarket have the experience to judge safety openings while in traffic, help the students to sense hazards, how to avoid disruptions, how to merge into traffic safely and how to change lanes appropriately. They also teach students how to deal with busy intersections and active parking lots.

Course Selections

The primary course offerings at Tomorrow’s Drivers are:

  • Beginner Driver Education
  • Collision Impact Avoidance Program
  • G2/G driving lessons

If you are looking for the best driving lessons in Newmarket, you and your child need the training provided by Tomorrow’s Drivers – A Diverse Driving School! Tomorrow’s Drivers has earned the reputation over the past ten years of being the premium driving school in Newmarket with a passing ratio of 99.5%. Isn’t it difficult to argue with that?

If you would like to learn about our in-class schedule for courses offered in Newmarket, visit us online! You can also call Tomorrow’s Drivers by phone 1-800-241-7493 and one of our representatives will assist you!


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