G1 Drivers Licence

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Even if you don’t have a car yet, the G1 license is the easiest and
probably the fastest way to obtain a Canadian government-issued ID
for immigrants. All you need to do is pass a written exam to get one.

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Step 1: Obtain Ontario G1 license by visiting any “Drive Test” center in your area – consider this as your learner’s permit
because you need to have an experienced driver with you at all times in
order to drive.
Step 2: Obtain G2 license. This license allow you to drive by yourself
with a few restrictions,depending on your age.
Step 3: Obtain G license. This is your full driver’s license

Note: Please only use this road test booking site to book your G2/G Road Tests.

With our years of experience in driver training we make sure all Tomorrow’s Drivers students pass their licence classes on their first attempt. Our mission is to make sure all Tomorrow’s Drivers graduates become safe, smart defensive drivers for life.

How do I get my G1?

You need to first go to any Drive Test center around your area, you can visit www.drivetest.ca to find the closest location to you. This is the only place you can do your written G1 test.
Please remember the following:

  • To you must be over 16 years old
  • 2 pieces of identification: (1) Personal ID, i.e.
    Health Card, Social Insurance etc. and (2) a foreign
    or Canadian Passport, Canadian citizenship card, or
    permanent/temporary immigration documents.
  • For immigrants, accepted identification will be your
    passport. If you have a licence from your home country, you need
    a certificate to prove its authenticity or else it won’t matter
  • Total fee for a G1 licence is $145 with the following breakdown:

Item Fee
Knowledge test $15.00
Prepaying G2 road test $50.00
5 year licence $80.00

* New immigrants with driving experience, must get their foreign licence certified by their national embassy. This will possibly reduce any wait time between G2 and/or G Road Test.

How do I get my G2?

After passing your G1 written test you will have to attempt a G2 Road Test. If you do not have any previous driving experience you must wait twelve months before attempting your first G2 Road Test. You can reduce the waiting time by 4 months if you enroll in a Ministry Approved BDE Program with an approved driving school like Tomorrow’s Drivers. Other than the reduce time for waiting for G2 the Driver Education course has several benefits of taking the course at Tomorrow’s Drivers:

  1.  3 Star Insurance Rating – eligible for an insurance discount
  2. Professional, courteous patient driving instructors
  3. Training all new drivers – defensive driving techniques
  4. Educating all drivers with the deadly consequences of driving.

We know making the decision to pick your driving school is an important
one, as it should be. We are neither the cheapest nor the most expensive
school as our price reflects our quality and satisfaction of our customers.