Do you want to have confidence when driving? Do you want to feel comfortable while you are behind the wheel? If so, you can take the Beginner Driving Education Courser at Tomorrow’s Drivers. This is a course approved by the Ministry and helps new drivers to get their G1 license. Once you receive your G1 license, you might be qualified for a four-month decrease in the minimum 12-month G1 licensing timeframe. You might also be qualified for a possible decrease in your monthly insurance payments.

If you hold a G1 license and you take the Beginner Driving Education Course approved by the ministry, Tomorrow’s Drivers will offer you so much more than other driving schools. Depending on the school you attend, you may receive other benefits including:

  • Learning the basics of driving in a classroom setting
  • Tools to handle driving dangers
  • Hands-on classroom instruction time of no more than five hours each day
  • In-car training instructions with applied road lessons to provide important driving expertise
  • Ten hours of automatic transmission in-car training – not to exceed one hour each time
  • Twelve hours of manual transmission in-car training. Manual transmission training is subject to accessibility.
  • Text book

All of our in-car training is one-on-one, which means that you operate in a private car with only you and the instructor. You will schedule your in-car training directly with your instructor for flexibility and convenience. The instructor can arrange to pick you up at a location that you indicate.

Choosing the Right Driver Education Course

First, you must select a driving course approved by the ministry, which is what we offer at Tomorrow’s Driving School. Not every driving school is regulated by the MTO (ministry approved). So that is the first thing you should do – ensure that the school is MTO-approved for the beginner’s course. This, of course, is going to be your own personal choice when it comes to selecting a driving school, but make sure you choose very carefully.

Of course, you can get recommendations from friends and family, but do your own research. At Tomorrow’s Drivers, you will have the opportunity to go on a tour and speak with instructors. You can rest assured that you will receive hands-on instructing since our classroom size is smaller than the MTO approved size of 40 students.


G1 Driver’s License

Even if you don’t have a car yet, the G1 license is the easiest
and probably the fastest way to obtain a Canadian government-issued
ID for immigrants. All you need to do is pass a written exam to get one.

  • Step 1: Obtain Ontario G1 license by visiting any “Drive Test” center in your area – consider this as your learner’s permit because you need to have an experienced driver with you at all times in order to drive.
  • Step 2: Obtain G2 license. This license allow you to drive by yourself with a few restrictions, depending on your age.
  • Step 3: Obtain G license. This is your full driver’s license

Note: Please only use this road test booking site to book your G2/G Road Tests.

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Beginner Driver Education Course

Our new drivers will receive professional classroom instructions and in-car training to receive their licensing for G1 and G2 classification. At the G1 level, drivers will train for only eight months compared to the yearly requirement. We guarantee six months of no at-fault collision.

Call or email for more details.

Classroom time last for 10 hours and you receive 10 hours of vehicle time. Students must have their own copy of the official driver’s manual to refer back to while attending the course.


Collision Impact Avoidance Program

At Tomorrow’s Drivers, we have a collision avoidance program that includes theories taught in the classroom. Our expert instructors also cover meticulous in-car practice. Students will learn about:

  • The dynamics and physics of an automobile
  • How to maintain and regain control of an automobile in a range of emergency circumstances
  • The effective way to brake and control skidding

Come to Tomorrow’s Drivers and improve your driving skills with our excellent program and you will become a safe driver and prevent expensive collisions.