In Ontario, when you are 80+ years of age, you need to renew your Ontario class G driver’s license every 2 years, rather than every 5 years. On every 2-year renewal, the MTO will request that you be re-tested for senior driving skills in order to be eligible for renewal, and you will need to book an appointment at your local DriveTest Centre.

Before April 21, 2014, the senior re-testing program in Ontario included a computerized written knowledge test.

This knowledge test has been replaced by 2 simple and effective non-computerized cognitive tests for senior drivers:

  1. Clock drawing exercise – assessment of visual-spatial ability
  2. Letter cancellation exercise – assessment of psychomotor coordination speed

As a senior, you know how important it is to understand your health and how it influences your physical and psychological abilities. The 2 cognitive tests conducted by the MTO can determine if you have any special requirements to be able to drive safely.

Passing the senior driving test program in Ontario is mandatory for you to keep your license at 80+ years of age.

However, it is very important to educate yourself beyond just the Ministry of Transportation standard to pass the test. We recommend identifying well in advance what skills you specifically need to work on in order to be a safe & confident defensive driver, with special consideration of your current health needs.

Tomorrow’s Drivers Specialized Senior Driving Instructors can help you with this. In our preparation course for the Ontario Senior Driving Test, our instructors will assess your performance and make custom-tailored recommendations for additional senior driver training, as well as educate you on updates to the Highway Traffic Act.

With our help, not only can you better prepare yourself in advance for your mandatory senior re-testing every 2 years — you can also overall increase confidence in your skills and decisions on a day-to-day basis whenever you’re behind the wheel.