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Shayraz A. Khan
Super Motivated In-Class In-Car Educator.

Education: Bachelor of Economics (University of Toronto), Project Management Certification (Seneca College) Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car & In-Class.

Experience: 17 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: “Thank you to Shayraz for teaching me the PROPER way to drive and for helping me pass my third attempt at my g2 test. The instructor I had before didn’t cover a quarter of what Shayraz did and that is why I failed. But after just 3 Lessons with Shayraz I Passed my test with flying colors. He shaped me into a new driver within 3 hours and pushed me to do well because he believed in me and he knew from the start that it was not my Fault that I had failed but it was the person who taught me all the wrong ways. I STRONGLY recommend him! Very kind and makes you feel super comfortable and eases your nervousness while driving!”

Rahila N. Khan
Unbeatable Compassionate In-Car Instructor

Education: Real Estate Agent, Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car & In-Class (Ontario Safety League)

Experience: 20 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Jessica Menk: “Tomorrow’s driver is a great school and Rahila is an amazing instructor. She made driving easy and stress-free, and made sure I was well prepared before my driving test. Would recommend her and the driving school to everyone.”

Steven Douville
Mr. Driving School - Certified In-Car & In-Class Driving Instructor

Education: Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car. (Centennial College)

Experience: 12 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Daniel Vucko: “Passed my G2 test a month ago because of the incredibly easy instruction given to me by my in car instructor Steve, whom was always highly informative and fun. I am still applying the techniques and tricks that my in car instructor gave me when I was learning which makes me feel safe in the car every day. Tomorrow’s Drivers is a top quality driving school and I recommend it to anyone considering. Thanks Steve & Everyone!”

Arnuad Luis
The most "Quietest" Certified In-Car Driving Instructor

Education: Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car. (Centennial College)

Experience: 25 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Andrew Pai “Thanks to Luis from Tomorrow’s Driver I was able to quickly and easily learn how to become a good driver. He was very patient and helpful during my driving lessons, teaching me what I did wrong and how to improve on it. Thanks to him, I was able to obtain my G2 on the first try! I would definitely recommend learning from Tomorrow’s Drivers and Luis!”

Billy W. Tsui
Follows the Law | Part Time - Paralegal - Certified In-Car Driving Instructor

Education: Certified Paralegal, Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car. (Centennial College)

Experience: 5 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Michael Hanna: Andrew Kao:” Good knowledge and instruction, kept challenging me every lesson.”

Sharif Shah
The Oldest, Smartest @ 70 - Best In-Class Teacher!

Education: Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Class & In-Car. (Centennial College)

Experience: 45 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Karan Musty:” He was very informative, and he had passion for what he did. He made the class fun.

Sangeeta Bajaj (Sony)
The Sweetest Driving Instructor - Certified In-Car.

Education: Certified Professional Driving Instructor In-Car. (Centennial College)

Experience: 7 Years Driver Training Experience

Testimonial: Etienne Yiu Sony was great she prepared me extremely well. She told what to do and what not to do when on the road and was very patient when she saw that I required extra guidance.



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