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safety Matters
Over 2700 people die in car crashes in Canada every year – with a significant amount being from Ontario. Inattentive driving has surpassed impaired driving as the leading killer on Ontario’s roads. 

Our Mission

Our main focus at Tomorrow’s Drivers is to provide our customers with a driving school experience that all new drivers can trust. Our responsibility  is to train responsible & confident drivers of tomorrow. Our 21 years of experience and proven teaching methods provide the highest quality of service, driver training & excellent customer service to all of our customers.

Tomorrow’s Drivers is Ministry-Approved BDE Course Provider. In our pursuit of excellence, we will continuously strive to raise our level of professionalism and service with our positive, energetic and compassionate driving attitude.

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are you anxious to Drive?

Are you one of those paralysed by the fear of driving? Is driving on the highway, through a tunnel or over a bridge nerve-wracking? If yes, do yourself a favour and stop channelling more resources into driving lessons. A fear of driving has nothing to do with driving! It’s a symptom of an underlying issue. To tackle the problem from its roots, you’ll need someone who understands how the mind works. And that’s where Tomorrow’s Drivers sets the pace. 

One of our distinguished instructors Mr. Khan is a certified hypnotist & performance coach. He’s helped thousands of people overcome anxiety and they now enjoy the freedom of living unhindered lives. 

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Road Wise
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Full Experience
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Drive Scholar
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Driver training services

Beginner Drivers Education

Serving the York Region community since 2001. We are a Ministry Approved Beginner Driver Education Course Provider. If you are looking for a driving school you can trust, we will be your best choice.

G2 & G Refresher Lessons

Our driving instructors will focus on making sure your can control the car smoothly and with confidence. We will train you on everything you need to know in order to easily pass your G2 or G road test.

Senior Driving Refreshers

Our focus is to re-train seniors to the new rules and regulations. If re-testing is required by the Ministry, we are the experts on how to break bad driving habits. We offer a driving assesment & customized packages for all our seniors.

Why Choose Us?

We get it, learning how to drive takes time, money, and effort. We’re helping remove some of the headaches when it comes to renewing your license or helping your get over the nervous jitters before going in for your first road test. Your safety is our number one priority. We never cut corners here; you’ll learn everything you need to know when it comes to keeping yourself and those around you safe on the road.

Client Focus Results Driven

Our past success stories speak to our future learners. We’re passionate about your success and have the proper tools and resources to ensure you have a positive experience with us!

Friendly Patient Instructors

Respectful communication and patience is the key to successful learning environments. We approach bringing in a calm, friendly manner to help transform our drivers from zero to hero.

Service Guaranteed

If you are not happy after the first driving lesson, we will offer a full money back guarantee. We strive to make sure you stay all our customers keep smiling.

Remove Fear Anxiety

Driving Phobia is a real disease. Helped thousands of new drivers over their fears and anxiety related to driving.


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